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Personal Loan Vs Top-Up Loan: Which one to choose

For financial assistance, both personal loans and top-up loans serve as valuable tools to meet immediate financial needs. Whether it’s funding a home …  

Personal LoanTop Up Loan
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September 21, 2023

What is Flexi Personal Loan and how does it work?

A Flexi Personal Loan is a modern lending solution that offers borrowers the freedom to access funds as and when needed. Unlike traditional loans, where …  

Personal LoanFlexi Personal Loan
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September 20, 2023

How To Track LoanTap Personal Loan Application Status

A personal loan can be beneficial in emergencies. In the process of obtaining a personal loan, keeping track of your application status is important. Understanding …  

Personal Loanpersonal loan application
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September 18, 2023

How To Reduce EMIs of Your Existing Personal Loan

Personal loans are a great way to meet your financial needs without risking your assets. Personal loans can be obtained for a number of reasons …  

Personal Loanpersonal loan emi
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September 15, 2023

How To Prepay Personal Loan

Personal loans have become a common financing option in an emergency. These are collateral-free and have no restrictions in terms of usage. Although there …  

Personal LoanPersonal Loan Prepayment
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September 14, 2023

How to Get a Personal Loan For a Salaried Person

Are you a salaried individual looking for financial assistance? If so, getting a personal loan can provide you with the flexibility and funds you need …  

LoanTapPersonal LoanPersonal Loan for Salaried Professionals
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September 13, 2023

How to Clear Credit Card Debt With a Personal Loan

A personal loan can be an effective option if you’re struggling with credit card debt and need a solution to gain control over your …  

Personal LoanCredit Card
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September 12, 2023

How to Choose Your Personal Loan Tenure

When considering a personal loan, one crucial factor to evaluate is the loan tenure. The loan tenure refers to the duration within which you will …  

Personal Loanpersonal loan tenure
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September 11, 2023

How to check LoanTap personal loan statement

The LoanTap personal loan statement is a comprehensive document that provides an overview of your loan details, repayment history, and outstanding balance. If you’re …  

LoanTapPersonal Loanpersonal loan app
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September 08, 2023

What Happens if You Don't Repay Personal Loan?

Personal loans are unsecured loans, meaning that borrowers don’t need to put up any collateral in order to get one. Nevertheless, loan defaulters can …  

Personal Loanpersonal loan repay
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August 18, 2023
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