Published on : January 07, 2021

This will only work with ROOT_PATH/uploads

This service is used to fetch all the applicant’s documents. This service is mainly tried to fetch the document from s3. We have created the bucket on s3 called loantap-uploads. If the document is not found on S3 bucket this service will fetch the document from local.

Input : Path <string>

Output :

result <array>
status <string>
message <string>
files <array>

Sample 1: [manage_documents.files.fetch.all path=”APP1687771957905926″ o.set=template.ack.fetch_all/]

Sample 1 Output :

 "status"  => string(7) "success"
"message" => string(5) "Files"
"files" => array(34)

Sample 2 :
[manage_documents.files.fetch.all path=”APP1684324012835141/SUB16873145956934969616681/PROC16873146224995627595637/agreement” o.set=template.ack.fetch_all/]

Sampmle 2 Output :

"status"  => string(7) "success"
"message" => string(5) "Files"
"files" => array(2)