Published on : May 27, 2020

We would be getting the excel sheet from the Product Team with all the details. Once we get those detail in the below format we would start with the product creation.

Step 1: Adding end-use product (UX), while doing this you also need to check the list of end-use available in our system.
Note: If you are adding a product which will be used by channel or any other medium except UX then we won’t include

INSERT INTO `loan_scheme` ( `updated_by`, `object_id`, `coll_id`, `coll_type`, `meta_key`, `meta_value`) VALUES
('nishant','product_id','config','base','description','Two wheeler'),
('nishant','product_id','config','base','label','Two wheeler Loan'),
('nishant','product_idt','config','base', 'end_use','dealer-electric-tw');
('nishant','dealer-electric-tw-term-loan-flat',	'config','base','end_use_ux_set', 'dealer-electric-tw');
product_strategyThis will be the installment method so that UX team can decide the offer details screen
descriptionProduct description which will be shown to a customer
labelThe label of product same would be shown to a customer
serviceThis is to load the service, value provided must-have module under loan products[link]
product_setEach end-use or partner has set to be configured like the lt-holiday product has 3 products in it.
end_useEnd-use which is defined in [link]. This is for a partner or any other source.
end_use_ux_setEnd-use which is defined in [link]. This is only for UX

Now once we get the product details time to create the service with the name defined in the database under service key
Product config has been divided into 3 sections.
1) Product Config: Any keys which are common throughout the product will come under this section
2) Job Part: This is specific setting w.r.t salaried or self-employed
3) Product Spec: Settings based on product id will come under this section. like repayment, foreclosure etc.

A sample has been shown in the above section. Also, note product should be taken sign off by displaying the actual value on [link]