Published on : May 24, 2020


Service Description: This service will be used to check the eligibility against all the checks no need to pass any specific.

Default array is configured

[template.set_array config]
    [nbfc _value='sublan_eligibility.nbfc'/]	
    [setup_date _value='sublan_eligibility.setup_date'/]
    [loan_tenure _value='sublan_eligibility.loan_tenure'/]
    [interest_rate _value='sublan_eligibility.interest_rate'/]
    [sanction_amount _value='sublan_eligibility.sanction_amount'/] 
    [processing_fees _value='sublan_eligibility.processing_fees'/]
    [advance_instalments _value='sublan_eligibility.advance_instalments'/]
    [insurance_fees _value='sublan_eligibility.insurance_fees'/]
    [dealer _value=''/]
    [loan_city _value='sublan_eligibility.loan_city'/]
    [instalment_frequency _value='sublan_eligibility.instalment_frequency'/]
    [net _value=''/]
    [fixed_income _value='sublan_eligibility.fixed_income'/]  
    [dob _value='sublan_eligibility.dob'/]  
    [cibil _value='sublan_eligibility.cibil'/]
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<p><strong>Usage </strong>: </p>
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<pre class="wp-block-preformatted">[product_services.rules.check config="job_type,loan_city" o.set=template.result /]</pre>
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Usage :

[product_services.rules.check config="job_type,loan_city" o.set=template.result /]

Logic :

  • Creates an array of calc and error summary at the root level, this service would internally call one more service called sublan_eligibility:
    • calc : array will have calculation returned by sublan calc
    • Summary: It will give success or error in case if any of the eligibility fails will result in an error.
  • Return the array with calc and summary