Published on : August 12, 2020

Sample Usage

[ /]


 Show prompt display message : 
I like this fast and friendly App.
Case 1: On click yes,
We are glad you liked our App. It will only take 30 seconds to rate us on the Playstore and help others with your feedback.
a. if device os = android
open play store using intent url : market://details?
b. if device os  = ios
open app store using url :
Case 2 : On click no,
Display a text box asking for feedback
Tell us what went wrong and we will try to address it as soon as possible
                              < A text box to capture comment  >
On click submit
Call Service :
[common-service.service.save_service_request  /]
 var post_url = "t/[template.ticket /]?id=[template.ticket /]&desc="+desc+"&lapp_id="+lapp_id+"&service_category=mapp_low_rating";{route_ajax:post_url});
The customer query will be saved in the table `service_request` with the service category as mapp_low_rating