Published on : August 07, 2020
Title : int
Purpose : To know the data type
Syntax : [module.set x=83.5 x0=0/]
//**this code will consider the value of x as string but when we will define the value through int.get then the value will consider as integer **//
[int.get module.x set=module.intx /]
Input Parameters :
Make sure the value considering as integer is only integer
Return Value : It returns the data type and the value
Example 1 :
Code : [module.set x=83.5 x0=0/]
[int.get module.x set=module.intx /]
Output : “intx” => int(83)
Description : In the example, First we are decelaring the value of X as 83.5 and firstly is was considered as string then we are putting the value of x in int format then it returns only 83.