Published on : August 18, 2020
Purpose:Set the ISO date to the 5th week in 2013.
Syntax:[php.date_isodate_set p1={} p2=2013 p3=5 o.set=template.daten /]
Input Parameter
:p1: object Required. Specifies a DateTime object returned by php.date_create .
p2: year Required. Specifies the year of the date
p3: week Required. Specifies the week of the date
p4: day (Optional) Specifies the offset from the first day of the week. Default is 1
Return Value:Returns a DateTime object on success. FALSE on failure
Example[php.date_create /]
[php.date_isodate_set p1={} p2=2013 p3=5 o.set=template.daten /]
[php.date_format p1={template.daten} p2=”Y-m-d” o.set=template.isodate /]
[template.echo isodate /]