Published on : May 29, 2020

There are two impacts of the Dealer Settings

  • Determine the Dealer to whom the Disbursal is done
  • Calculate the one time discount given by the dealer (dealer subvention). Dealer Subvention is adjusted at the time of the first disbursal.

Service Used:

The Service does the following activities.

  • Returns the List of Dealer Codes based on the Dealer Type
  • Verifies that the Dealer Code provided is valid
  • Calculates the Subvention the Dealer will provide

Dealer Settings (dealer)

Settings for the Dealer.

type The dealer type. This fetches the dealer codes from Common Meta Dealer Type available in common_meta
dealer_codeFixed Dealer Code. The system will use this fixed dealer code Dealer Code available in the Dealer Type specified

Dealer Subvention Settings (dealer_discount)

Subvention settings for the dealer

collect Decide whether to collect the fees or not. Defaults to no Yes     No
The range in which the dealer subvention has to be. Outside the boundaries results in an error.
For minimum:
maximum of (min,outer_min)
For Maximum:
minimum of (max, outer_max)
Integer Values
Sanction_min The minimum calculated dealer discount  on the sanction amount if it is calculated  
sanction_percentage Percentage of the sanction amount 2.36
fixed The fixed subvention for this loan. Cannot be changed Min/max=fixed value  

Logic: Dealer Code

dealer_codes: Based on the dealer.type the function returns all the valid dealer codes (The dealer codes are in common_meta)

Setup Dealer_code: : Whichever is set first
b) dealer.dealer_code (this is a fixed code)

Logic: Calculation of Dealer Subvention

Dealer Subvention is collected if dealer_discount.collect=yes

Calculation of : Max Dealer Subvention
Ignored if dealer_discount.max,dealer_discount.outer_max is not specified

Calculation of : Min Dealer Subvention

Calculation of Dealer Subvention if Sanction Percentage is specified:
$calc=loan.loan_details.sanction_amount * dealer_discount.sanction_percentage/100
if sanction_min is specified then

Setting up Dealer Discount: Whichever is set first
b)$calc using Sanction Percentage
d) Min Dealer Subvention Calculated Above

If the Dealer Discount is not in the range an error is generated output: 

     "dealer"               =>  array(9) 
                    "dealer_type"     => string(30) "hero-electric-vehicles-pvt-ltd"
                    "dealer_codes"    =>  array(1) 
                    "collect"         => string(3) "yes"
                    "debug"           =>  array(1) 
                    "min"             => int(0)
                    "max"             => NULL
                    "dealer_discount" => float(1180)
                    "status"          => string(7) "success"
                    "message"         => string(14) "dealer details"