Published on : July 09, 2020

What is Instalment Frequency?
Sets the Range for the Instalment frequency and Validates whether the Provided Advance Instalment is Valid or Not

Service Used: sublan_eligibility.instalment_frequency

The Service does the following activities.

  • Return the frequency options

Instalment Frequency Settings (instalment_frequency)

Collect Should instalment frequency be collected

fixed The fixed tenure for this loan. Cannot be changed
Integer Values
instalment_frequencyProduct will have the frequency of instalmentvarchar

Logic: Calculation of instalment frequency

Product Settings 
Product Settings is Compulsory (error if no settings)

collect - Defaults to pos_change.

Build the options using instalment_frequencyP
Under Instalment_details:
"instalment_frequency" => string(10) "monthly3_3"