Published on : June 02, 2020

Whats is Advance Instalments?
Sets the Range for the Advance Instalment and Validates whether the Provided Advance Instalment is Valid or Not

  • Determine advance installments to be charged
Collect Should Advance Instalments be collected
If yes then Advance Instalments must be collected though it may be set to 0
requiredThis would be mandatory while creating sublanyes/no
min The minimum Advance Instalments 2
maxThe maximum Advance Instalments 6
default Start Advance Instalments. Can be overwritten 3
fixed The fixed advance Instalments for this loan. Cannot be changed t 4


"advance_instalments"    =>  array(10) 
"debug" => array(3)
"skip" => string(2) "no"
"collect" => string(3) "yes"
"input_advance_instalments" => string(1) "0"
"required" => string(3) "yes"
"max" => int(3)
"min" => int(0)
"advance_instalments" => int(0)
"status" => string(7) "success"
"message" => string(30) "advance instalments calculated"

Visual Output