Published on : May 22, 2020



Event Category Action Label
On load flow default_cmr Started (if u are creating)

On load
section your_needs Started (if u are creating)

On load
step job_type initiated

On load
lapp_journey Started CMR_Flow <APP-ID>
on click submitstepjob_typesubmitted
on submit successstepjob_typecompleted
on submit successlapp_journeyCompleted Job Type Step<APP-ID

Services Used

Action Service
Load Job Type product_services.get-taxonomy.job_types
Load View cmr-service.job-type-controller.default_response_controller
On click submitcmr-service.job-type-controller.<SUBMIT-CONTROLLER>

Keys saved on submit

Collection Type Meta Key Meta Value
application_details job_subtype Taxonomy term will be the actual value.
application_details job_type salaried/self-employed Will be decided on job_subtype
application_details section_id <value from @cmr>
application_details current_step <value from @cmr>
application_details lapp_id <system generated>
application_details lapp_status junk-app
application_details lapp_status_label <auto filled based on lapp_status>: Junk App
application_details lapp_stage <auto filled based on lapp_status>: junk
application_details lapp_stage_label <auto filled based on lapp_status>: Junk
application_details channel_code loantap (only if not filled in app)
application_details channel_code_label LoanTap
sourcing_details ip <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_user_agent <auto filled>
processing_details turnaround_start <auto filled>
processing_details turnaround_end <auto filled>
processing_details turnaround_time_mins <auto filled>
processing_details turnaround_time_mins_label <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_origin cmr/whatsapp/mapp/api/landing_page/facebook_form
sourcing_details utm_origin_flow <Under the origin which flow was used>: <value from @cmr in this case>
sourcing_details utm_source <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_medium <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_source_medium mobile/tablet/desktop
sourcing_details utm_campaign <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_term <auto filled>
sourcing_details gclid <auto filled>
sourcing_details cid <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_ad <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_time <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_referrer <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_campaign_id <auto filled>
sourcing_details utm_device <auto filled>