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Weddings are one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Everyone would like to make it an unforgettable experience. Weddings, these days are a glitzy affair and you can find wedding planners who will help you arrange a beautiful event based on your budget. You can have a wedding for under 5 lakhs or spend in crores. There is no upper limit. It is best that you work out your budget in advance and plan accordingly. What if you added a Europe honeymoon package to the mix? Wouldn’t it be a heady affair?

Let us explore some exotic Europe Honeymoon packages that could be the icing on the cake after the big fat Indian wedding.

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Europe is a beautiful destination for holidays both for family holidays as well as honeymoon celebrations. Here we list handpicked honeymoon packages to Europe for the best experience for stay as well as the activities to do on your trip.

Italy and Austria Honeymoon Package

Highlights of the package:

  • The first day of your holiday will begin with your arrival at Rome’s airport.
  • The second day of the trip will begin with a tour of Vatican City, where you will get the opportunity to marvel at a variety of antique beauties.
  • On the third day, you’ll go to Florence, which is a stunning city.
  • The fourth day of your journey will take you to one of Florence’s most popular tourist attractions, “The Leaning Tower of Pisa.”
  • This vacation’s fifth day will take you to Mozart’s birthplace.
  • On the sixth day of your journey, you will visit Salzburg.
  • On the seventh day of the tour, you will travel to Vienna.
  • The trip’s eighth day will take you on a sightseeing tour of Vienna.
  • The journey will come to a conclusion on Day 9, and you will be transferred to an airport to catch a flight back home.

Thrillophilia is offering the package at INR 99,000 per person after a 20% discount.

Europe Honeymoon Package from India

Highlights of the package:

– You will spend your first day in Paris at leisure.

– On day 2 of your Europe tour, you will enjoy some romantic free time together in Paris before starting on a breathtaking sunset lighting tour. Discover the gleaming Eiffel Tower. You can always enjoy cruising together across the Seine River.

– Day 3 of the vacation will be dedicated to a full-day joyful journey to Disneyland.

– Day 4 will see you continue your journey to Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ main city. Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canal network, vibrant culture, rich history, and exciting nightlife.

– Day 5, you will have a romantic leisure day with your partner, shopping on the city’s most popular streets and exploring the city at your leisure.

– Day 6 will find you in Brussels.

– On day 7, you will conclude your European honeymoon trip and bid goodbye to this romantic land with lovely memories of your first tour with your sweetheart after marriage.

Thrillophilia is offering the package at INR 79,000 per person after a 18% discount.

Norway Honeymoon Package from India

Highlights of the package:

  • Day1 will see you arrive in Oslo, Norway’s capital, after departing from India on this honeymoon vacation. It is well-known for its lush landscapes and historic institutions.
  • On the second day, you’ll go on a food walking tour of Oslo, where you’ll sample a variety of cuisines.
  • You will participate in the iconic Korketerkkeren activity on the third day of your Honeymoon vacation to Norway.
  • The following day of your Norway Honeymoon Package from India, you will attend a performance of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet before embarking on a mini-Oslo boat trip.
  • The fifth day of the honeymoon packages to Norway from India is set aside for a visit to Bergen and then some relaxation time.
  • On the sixth day, you’ll go on a sightseeing trip to Bergen City, stopping at some of the city’s most popular attractions. The next day, you will go on a trip from Bergen to Stranda city.
  • You can unwind for a while after arriving in the new city and go on a sightseeing trip of the Geiranger Fjord, the Dalsnibba Mountain Plateau, and the Seven Sisters.
  • You will be packing your luggage for the onward journey back home on the 9th day of the tour, which is the last day of the vacation.

Thrillophilia is offering the package at INR 87,000 per person after a 22% discount.

Switzerland Honeymoon Package

Highlights of the package:

  • Spend precious moments with your loved one while admiring Switzerland’s extraordinary scenery, which includes the Swiss Alps, stunning waterfalls, a rich culture, and delectable cuisines.
  • Enjoy a cable car and cogwheel train ride to Mount Jungfraujoch, where you may visit the Ice Palace and enjoy the magnificent ice sculptures.
  • Explore the Swiss Open Air Museum, which features over 100 residences and farm structures from all throughout the country.
  • Experience stunning views of the Alps as you rise in Titlis ROTAIR – the world’s first spinning cable car – on a memorable journey to Mount Titlis.
  • Take a stroll down Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most opulent and exclusive shopping alleys.

Thrillophilia is offering the package at INR 93,000 per person after a 20% discount.

Greece Honeymoon Package

Highlights of the package:

-On the first day, you will arrive in Athens at the airport.

– On Day 2, after breakfast, you will check out of the hotel and head to Santorini, your next destination.

– Breakfast will be served at the hotel on Day 3 before departing for the Athinios Port to board a boat to the hot springs and volcano. You’ll also be able to observe the lunar landscape.

– On Day 4, enjoy breakfast at the hotel before checking out and being transferred to the boat terminal. You’ll take a ferry to Mykonos, the next location on your romantic Greece vacation.

– On Day 5, have breakfast at the hotel and prepare to go on a glass-bottom boat excursion to Mykonos’ southern beaches.

– On Day 6, you’ll have breakfast before checking out of the accommodation and heading to the boat terminal. Return to Athens by ferry.

– After breakfast on Day 7, you will finish the check-out formalities at the hotel and be taken to the Athens airport for your onward flight.

Thrillophilia is offering the package at INR 71,000 per person after a 20% discount.

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Who doesn’t want a fancy no end barred destination wedding followed by a romantic Europe Honeymoon package? If you have the funds you can easily make your fairytale dreams come true.

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If all this is available at your fingertips why worry about marriage expenses? Who is topping you from splurging and creating a wonderful event with lifetime memories. Have a fancy wedding. Follow it up with a romantic honeymoon to Europe. Do everything your mind desires.

After all, you don’t get married every day!

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