e-KYC – Terms and Conditions


By clicking on proceed button below, you hereby acknowledge that you are providing your Aadhaar related details voluntarily, without any undue influence/ coercion, to KARZA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED for retrieving your Aadhaar Paperless-XML from the UIDAI Portal for conducting offline verification of Aadhaar for identification purposes, in accordance with applicable law and based on the process detailed below. Any information submitted by you shall be treated as confidential, in accordance with applicable law.

Please note that it is not mandatory for you to provide your Aadhaar details. If you do not wish to continue with providing the same, we request you to cancel the offline Aadhaar verification transaction and you may proceed with other modes of identity verification.

By proceeding with this offline verification process, you hereby acknowledge that KARZA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED will be able to access your photograph through XML file being parsed from the database of Unique Identification Authority of India, in order for the same to be further shared with LOANTAP (“Client”). If you do not agree for us to access and share the same, we request you to not to proceed. In case you do proceed, it is deemed that you have provided irrevocable, valid and binding consent to KARZA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED for accessing, procuring and sharing your Aadhaar related information from the Unique Identification Authority of India, with the Client to enable the Client to initiate your onboarding to avail the Client’s services.

You further acknowledge that the information you provide may be used to help improve and train our products, assist in the development of any technologies and cross selling of products of the Client in accordance with applicable law, and you provide your valid, binding, irrevocable and explicit authorisation and consent (as required under applicable laws) for the same.

Please note that KARZA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED shall be redacting and collecting your Aadhaar number. The first 8 digits of the Aadhaar number will be blacked out when you insert the same on to the webpage. You shall be prompted to insert the Aadhaar number twice, in order to ensure its correctness and the Aadhaar number will be encrypted and transferred/ accessed.

The following screens will capture your Aadhaar number / VID and other relevant details required to download Paperless-XML from UIDAI Portal https://resident.uidai.gov.in/offline-kyc instead of forwarding you to UIDAI portal.

We will be undertaking the offline KYC process through the following steps. In order for undertaking the said process, you hereby provide your valid and binding consent for authentication of your information through OTP, and to receive any messages on your mobile number for the said purpose.

  1. Connecting to UIDAI portal and fetching XML.
  2. Capturing OTP/TOTP and Validating it using UIDAI portal.
  3. Sending request to UIDAI portal and getting response HTML.
  4. Parsing HTML and populating fields in the UI.
  5. Sending request to offline Aadhaar portal to download the ZIP file protected with Share code.
  6. Application fetches ZIP XML response from Offline Aadhaar in memory.
  7. ZIP XML File and Share code is shared with Client for consuming KYC data.