Top Offers for Dental Care Loan

LoanTap offers customised personal loans that are best suited for converting Dental Care expenses into affordable instalments.


Dental Care Loan EMI Free

The EMI Free Loan for dental treatments is best suited to undergo treatments that are INR 70,000 and upwards. Enjoy low monthly instalments consisting of only interest along with bullet Payments towards the principal outstanding every 3/6 months.This offer is Ideal when you receive additional income from other sources or incentives every 3/6 months. This way you can have a 40% lower monthly instalment every month and make lump sum payments towards the Principal outstanding every 3/6 months.

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Dental care Term Loan

To avail Mid range Dental care treatments on EMI, choose this option. A Term Loan for Dental Care treatments can be availed if you have to undergo treatments that cost INR 45,000 to INR 70,000. You and your family can undergo treatments from the best of the doctors in town and enjoy Fixed Equated Monthly installments, where your EMI consists of both Principal and interest components. This offer is best suited for you if you are aware of the exact costs of your treatment.

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Dental Care Loan Step Up

A Step up Loan for Dental Care Treatment is best suited if multiple family members are required to undergo dental treatment at once. You can avail this Dental Care Loan and enjoy interest only payments for the first 3 months followed by fixed monthly installments for the remaining tenure. With this option, you can have low monthly instalments in the initial months and thus enjoy higher liquidity.

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Dental Care Loan Advance Salary

This Dental Care Loan is best suited for dental treatments which don’t cost a lot but are unavoidable. This loan should be availed to undergo treatment priced between INR 15,000 to INR 45,000. If you wish to undergo treatments immediately and don’t want to wait for your salary to get credited, get a Dental Care Advance Salary Loan and repay in easy EMIs.

This offer is ideal when you are facing an emergency and do not have the funds to undergo treatment but are certain of receiving your incentives in the near 6 to 12 months span. This way you can service your loan regularly and pay off EMIs within a short tenure.

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Why take LoanTap’s Loan for Dental Care?

Be it dental implants or root canals, dental treatments are an unavoidable expense. Get the best dental treatment for you and your family without worrying about the costs. With LoanTap’s Dental care loan, maintaining oral hygiene is made easy! You can undergo dental care treatments on easy EMIs. LoanTap has customised various offers so that you can avail treatments from the best of the doctors in town!

Instant Approval & Disbursal

Avail Dental care treatment on EMI with a simple online process in less than 24 hours.

Flexible Repayments

Choose how you want to repay your Dental Care Loan from a variety of repayment options.

Minimum Documentation

You can get Dental Care Treatment on EMI by uploading basic minimum documents.

Transparent Process

Our Dental Care Loan comes with No hidden/pre-closure charges.

Eligibility criteria for availing Dental Care Loan

If you are looking forward to availing a loan for Dental Care treatments, you must qualify under the below mentioned eligibility criteria

  1. Individuals with a minimum income of INR 30,000 can apply for our Loan for Dental Care Treatment
  2. Indian Citizen/Residents who are 21 years & above
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Basic Documents required for availing Dental Care Loan

If you are looking forward to availing a loan for Dental Care treatments, you must qualify under the below mentioned eligibility criteria

  1. PAN Card
  2. Salary Slips (last 3 months)
  3. Salary Account Bank Statement (3/6 months)
  4. Address Proof
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Top brands for Dental Care Treatments


Healthspring is committed to provide world class care for all your dental requirements. The dental team at Healthspring comprises trained & experienced doctors, skilled surgeons, a panel of specialists and compassionate support staff. You can undergo treatment at Healthspring with LoanTap’s Dental Care Term Loan without the worry of costs.

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Sabka Dentist

Sabka Dentist provides dental services treatment at affordable prices. Dentists from Sabka Dentist are skilled to provide all dental treatments like RCT (Root Canal Treatment), Cavity Filling, Extraction, Dental Implants, Braces and Orthodontic Treatment, Full Mouth Rehabilitation and other treatments. They also offer Dental Checkups & X-Rays at no charges to increase dental awareness in India. Go for a Step Up Loan for dental treatment if you wish to avail their services.

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Apollo White

Apollo WHITE Dental is the most trusted chain of dental clinics in India as they provide world class dental care within reach of every Indian. Providing the best of ambience, technological advancement and evidence based updated treatments, each of these centres are equipped with the latest and most ergonomic Dental Chairs, LASERS, globally acclaimed Dental Implants, Digital X-rays and branded consumables.You can avail LoanTap’s Dental Care Loan to undergo treatment at any of the Apollo white clinics in India.

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How we provide Dental Care Loans in 24-36 hours

online application
Online Application

Apply for your Loan for Dental Care Treatment and upload the required documents.

online application
Record your time for Representative visit/E-agreement

Download documents as per checklist, sign and handover to our representative or sign the agreement digitally.

online application
KYC & Fund Transfer

We check documents, verify them and activate instant disbursal for your loan for Dental Care Treatments.


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LoanTap offers Personal Loans for amounts of Rs. 25K - 10L for tenures ranging from 3 Months - 5 Years.
We charge a Processing Fee of only 2% (+ taxes). Our interest rates range from 18% to 30% p.a., based on the type of loan, customer profile, and other related factors.

On a personal loan of Rs. 1 lakh at a rate of 18% per annum, for a tenure of 36 months, the EMI amount will be Rs. 3,615

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