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Product Suite

EMI Free Loan EMI Free Loan
Personal Overdraft Personal Overdraft
Personal Loan Personal Loan
Credit Card Takeover Credit Card Takeover
Advance Salary Advance Salary
Rental Deposit Rental Deposit
Wedding Loan Wedding Loan
Holiday Loan Holiday Loan
Premium Bike Loan Premium Bike Loan
Being Human ECycle Being Human ECycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any charges for taking a Salary Advance?
Yes, charges will apply as per the current Service & Price guide.
Who is entitled for a Salary Advance?
Salaried Professional with a salary of Rs 30,000 and above.(Subject to receiving a minimum of three salaries credited to the account).
What is the eligibility for a Salary Advance?
Amount payable would be subject to credit approval.
What is Salary Advance?
A Salary Advance is a temporary advance against salary or pension, where your salary is transferred directly to RAKBANK. This advance is repaid by the following month’s salary credited into the account.