Medical Loan

Looking for a Loan to cover your Medical Expenses?

Apply for a Medical Loan during emergencies and get fast disbursal along with an option of flexible Repayment that offers lower monthly instalments for first 3 months followed by fixed EMIs

So, how does Medical Loan Work?

Life can be uncertain and can catch you off guard when you are least expecting it. Unforeseen circumstances like a medical emergency most often comes without a warning. While you could be medically insured for these emergencies, many of the insurances do not cover certain illnesses, treatments, surgeries, bills etc.

In such times when you need funds at a short notice, LoanTap is the solution for you. We offer you flexible repayment plans and longer loan tenures to repay your Medical Loan. Pay Interest amount for the first 3 months followed by fixed EMIs.

NOTE: The final repayment option available depends on the information you provide and is at discretion of the company.

Why take Medical Loan from LoanTap?

Instant approval and disbursal

Loan Approval within a day

Unique Personal Loan

Monthly outflows lower by upto 40% of regular loans

Flexible Re-payment

No foreclosure charges after six months

Transparent Processes

No hidden charges


Eligibility Criteria for Medical Loan


Individuals with a minimum income of INR 30,000


Indian Citizens/Residents who are 21 years old & above.

Flexible Instalment Options

Final instalment options for a loan will be decided based on your profile and inputs

EMI Free

Interest only payment every month (40% lower monthly instalment versus regular EMI) coupled with bullet payment every 3/6 months towards Principal.

Ideal when: You receive additional income or a incentive every 3-6 months.

Step Up

Interest only Payment for 3 months followed by fixed EMI. Gives you space to manage expenses post an event.

Ideal when: Heavy expenditure is involved in a particular event such as Wedding or a Medical Emergency

Term Loan

Repayment done via Fixed Equated Monthly Instalments, where EMI = Principal + Interest.
Each instalment reduces both interest and Principal amount.

Ideal when: You know the precise Loan Amount needed and your income is consistent

How we make loans happen in 24-36 hours

online application
Online Application

Apply online, upload basic documents or mail us

record your time
Record your time for representative visit

Download documents as per checklist, sign and handover to our representative.

verification sanction disbursal
KYC & Fund transfer

We check documents, verify them and activate instant disbursal online

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