Rental Deposit Loan

Rental Deposit Loan? Because, your promotion comes first.

LoanTap offers loan for security deposit payment to landlord for 11, 22 and 33 months tenure.

This won't impact your CIBIL score

Rental Deposit Loans

Very often we are promoted and transferred to bigger roles and even bigger cities. At LoanTap we believe that you should focus on selecting the right accommodation so that you can focus on enhanced responsibilities in a new environment and we will take care of security deposit. The same is repaid back to us upon lease termination, all you have to do is take care of monthly interest servicing.

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Why Rental Deposit from us?


Principal loan set off against refund of security deposit

Expense Management

Nominal monthly outgo towards interest serving


No impact on your Investment or other important purchases

Unique Product

First such offering for retail consumers

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So Simple

Three easy steps to disbursal

Online sanction

Fill your information online, and upload or mail basic docs as per your convenience.

Record your preferred time for Representative Visit

Download documents as per checklist, sign and handover to our representative

Seek Disbursal

Once the document reaches our office, post verification we will activate disbursal

Product Suite

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Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the duration of loan?
Our affiliate NBFCs offers Advance Salary loans for 10 and 20 days. Other, Special purpose loans are offered from 3 months to 33 months, as per the agreement term.
What is the repayment frequency?
For Advance Salary, once during the facility period, on the due date. Interest or EMI servicing for other Special Purpose loans need to be done once in month, as per the due date.