5 ways to celebrate Christmas in 2020
Published on : December 22, 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride owing to the various experiences we encountered. However, while we are headed towards Christmas and New year’s eve, the festive spirits seem to be crawling back again. Although the celebrations may not be the same, nothing keeps us from making the most of the festivities. There are so many ways to stay entertained and get creative with new traditions and tricks up our sleeves. We have enlisted 5 ways in which you can make this Christmas a memorable one for you and your loved ones. 

Plan an Indoor Dinner 
There is so much joy to soak in as merry days before Christmas unfold: family traditions, a perfectly lit Xmas tree and the coziness of a bonfire. For all families, food plays a major part during Christmas celebrations. To make it more interesting, You can plan to cook a meal together and then enjoy relishing it too! To make it a fun affair, make a note for the things you would require to prepare the meal, so that you will have everything when you need it. Happy Cooking!

Consider DIY decorations
While we talk about celebrations, we certainly are resonating it with a theme and decor. Instead of wasting hours on finding the right stuff or toggling from one shop to another, go for DIY decorations. Give a charming human touch to your home with all the amazing decorations that money simply cannot buy. One can opt for handmade paintings, decorating the living room, wreaths made out of paper or evening Christmas trees made out of tassels. There is a lot more to learn with the help of multiple DIY videos available on the internet. The other benefit of choosing DIY decor is that it is not only cost effective but also, children enjoy indulging in arts & crafts. Brings back so many childhood memories, right?!

Watch Christmas Movies
Christmas movies can be a great way to liven up the day. Get every member of your family cuddled up on the couch together and watch comedies or heartfelt dramas. This could be a great idea to create special moments with your family and make the most of the holidays together. Movies may also give out necessary facts and traditions about the Festival and will add to your excitement and celebrations

Give your Home a new look
This festive season is all about lights and rum cakes punctuating the celebration. To get into the spirit, you can give your home a cheerful spin and make it ready for the festivities that are to follow. Further, there’s a good reason to renovate your house now as seasonal discounts allow you to make valuable additions at attractive prices. However, to be able to seize the moment and have a seamless home renovation process, timely financing is key. For this purpose, you can always plan your home improvement projects with the help of a Personal loan that can be instantly availed online or by using a personal loan app. Choosing a credit instrument will ensure that you do not compromise on your idea of a dream home due to a shortfall in funds. Also, it certainly helps spread out the expenses over a period rather than incurring a one time expense which may impact your savings. Happy Renovation!

Be a Secret Santa to your loved ones 
There is no better way of expressing your love to your loved ones apart from a thoughtful gift ! While we talk about the pleasure of gifting, how can we forget Secret Santa! Why not be a Secret Santa to your Loved ones ?! Be it gadgets or accessories, a Car or a travel package, gifts to offer are countless. If finances are holding you back, then a Personal loan is always a way out! Happy Gifting! 

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