How to maintain both Health and finances in 2021?
Published on : March 22, 2021

Fitness and adopting a fit lifestyle has become an integral part of people’s lives. Post the outbreak of the pandemic, people have become more conscious about adopting good eating habits and maintaining a good fitness regime. When it comes to keeping good health, people have changed their lifestyles in a manner so that they can spare at least some time in the day to run a lap or at least meditate at home. 

Likewise, most millennials are conscious when it comes to maintaining their financial health. Be it investing in the right instruments or choosing the right loans for their needs, no stone is left unturned! 

Health and finances are the two major parts of our daily lives that we need to take good care of. While securing one’s family’s health to ensure a safe and hearty future tops the list of millennials today, planning and having security in terms of finances goes hand in hand. Afterall, Who wants to bear the brunt of reckless living in the future?! 

It takes just a little effort on a daily basis to maintain a healthy life and secure finances.

This article precisely states the things you need to do to maintain Health and Wealth in 2021 

How to maintain Health and well-being at all times?

In order to lead a healthy life, you need to look after both Physical as well as mental health. A healthy mind breeds a healthy body. Here’s what you need to do to keep your health in place –

Eat right : Food intake in the right intervals is a mantra to keeping oneself fit. Whatever you eat is closely linked to your health. Make your choice well ! Do include the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Exercise daily: It’s not the amount of exercise you do, it’s about merely starting! It is important that you shell out 30 minutes daily for a form of exercise that suits you. Be it yoga, pilates, zumba or simply running, make time for it as your body needs it. 

Meditate: Mental health is perhaps the most important to maintain. Meditating for merely 10 minutes a day can relax and refresh your mind. 

Get Insured: If you and your loved ones are not covered under any health insurance plan, you must do it now ! 

Health illnesses come to us uncalled for. Most often than not we are caught off guard with emergencies. There are a plethora of insurance plans that offer great coverage schemes at such reasonable premiums.  

If your finances are not permitting you that additional expense, there are many digital lenders who offer a personal loan for Health insurance. You can avail such loans to get immediate coverage under a decent Health insurance plan. 

How to maintain Financial Health ? 

Pretty much like being physically fit, achieving healthy finances is important. It is a  process that requires your attention as much as planning your diet and exercise regime. However, It is necessary to l enable you to handle your debts, insurances, monthly expenses and other lifestyle expenses and to allow you to live the life you want. Go through the following tips to get started  –

Make a Plan: Creating a plan helps you understand how much  money you require now and how much do you need to set aside to deal with any unforeseen circumstances in future. 

Invest in instruments as per risk appetite: If you plan on investing in mutual funds and SIPs, ensure that you carry out sufficient research to assess the risk involved in choosing a specific instrument. And yes! Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket!

Pay debts in time: Make timely payments towards all your borrowings. Be it credit cards or Personal loan, paying your dues in time will help keep finances on track, thus avoiding a pile up of bills for the consequent month. 

Review finances: A timely review of your finances will help you determine if anything needs more attention. 

Save:  Save money and it will save you! It is of utmost importance that you save at least 20% of your monthly income.

If you are finding it difficult to set aside money for savings after the month’s expenses, your financial plan needs a revision. At such times, you must take a look at your debts and try to cut through the clutter. If you are dealing with multiple debts at one time, it’s time you consolidate them. Debt consolidation has many benefits, but here, first and foremost it’s going to help you make room for your savings. Choose a single affordable personal loan to replace all your other expensive debts like credit cards. This will reduce the monthly obligations and help you set aside money for your Savings !!

Maintaining health and well-being physically, mentally and financially could seem to be a daunting process but is pretty much otherwise. Following these few simple habits on a daily basis can ensure you have the health and finances in place for a secure future for you and your loved ones! 

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