LoanTap offers Personal loans in Ahmedabad easier than getting finances in other ways.
Published on : January 31, 2022

Personal loans are the need of the day! Yes! What is your dream? Maybe you want to buy your dream home or buy your dream car or anything special for your loved ones! Right? But sometimes, due to our pockets, we cannot transform our dream into reality! But now times have changed and we can have everything we have wished for.  Guess what! Personal loans are the big saviors these days; with digital lenders, advanced smartphones, and internet penetration, you can get a loan in the blink of an eye. These low-interest, readily available, collateral-free loans have become the last resort for our financial assistance. 

Wherever you live in India, in metros, small cities, or districts, everyone needs a Personal loan as per their situation! Different people have different needs! So, as far as business goes, Ahmedabad is one of the popular cities, which teems with businessmen and the need for funds is high. Are you one such? If yes,” you are bang on at the right platform, LoanTap is there to assist you! With customized loans, we offer customer satisfaction.

In bad weather, a Personal loan will stand like a financial buddy and take you out of the trench of economic issues. So here are some benefits of Personal loans over others. 

Benefits of a personal loan over other loans

  1. It can have multiple uses : 

A personal loan is known to be the safest loan while being unsecured! Unlike Health loans, which can be used when you have to pay your medical bills. Or electronics loans when you need to buy some electronics for your place. Personal loans work as a financial buddy, always there to help in every situation. They can be used for any legitimate reason. Whether you want to have your dream car, wish to have a lavish marriage, finance your home renovations, take care of your unexpected medical bills- a personal loan takes care of all your problems and covers almost everything. 

What matters the most is? You must have the ability to repay and the intention to pay back. You will get a loan from any of the leading institutions. LoanTap is there to assist you with a revolving credit kind of facility if you need to take a Personal Overdraft Loan. You might be stuck with the amount you need to have as a personal loan. Don’t worry; you will receive a pre-approved credit limit. Withdraw the required amount in tranches and pay interest on the withdrawal amount. If you want to replenish your credit limit, you need to repay the amount with the interest for the utilised period.

Provides better facilities than credit card

What do you do after you get your first job? Surely you will get a new card, Right! It will be right there in your wallet! But have you thought, how many times could you use it? If you want to manage your finances in the right way. Think about what you can do? You must not spend more than 30-40% of your expenses via credit card. So now what’s next for you? Surely you need more money to spend without worrying about the one-month time frame. You can choose an Advance Salary Loan! With this, you will get an opportunity to have 2.5 x your net monthly salary and can pay back the amount in 3- 12 months! This is perfect for your financial assistance and will not negatively impact your credit score.

Want to get a personal loan in Ahmedabad? If yes, take a right turn and land on the LoanTap website, do the online documentation and be eligible to get the personal loan.

Flexibility in Repayment with long repayment terms

You can have a personal loan for a longer tenure. The best thing is you have the authority to select the tenure for which you want to get a loan. At LoanTap, you can get customized to meet your needs.  For Higher amounts and longer tenure, EMI Free Loans are perfect. Your monthly EMIs are reduced by 40% as you pay only the interest. The principal can be repaid in bullet payments at quarterly/ half-yearly intervals. Secondly, you will have more time to repay. Hence proved that there is the ease in repayment even if you have taken a higher loan amount. This is quite convenient for those who get their incentives and bonuses in tranches.

Increases your credit score

Do you know about credit bureau scores or CIBIL scores? They are used while assessing your credit profile. For instance, if you are looking to buy your dream electric vehicle, and applying for a personal loan, in that case, your CIBIL score will be assessed. It will speak about your financial stability and repayment capacity. While if you have a high score, you will get a personal loan quickly and at better rates, a low score will lead to a different low offer that may charge you higher interests. So, for a better credit score, it makes sense to take short tenure loans and repay them on time.

Minimum documentation and easy to avail

One of the most important advantages of taking a personal loan is that it requires minimum documentation. LoanTap offers personal loans with easy documentation as we keep customer convenience on priority. These loans can be easily availed online. If you are one of those who wants to have a personal loan to accomplish your dreams of making a downpayment on a house, buying electronics, or anything else within a day, LoanTap is your last resort. 

How to take a loan from LoanTap?

Are you looking to get a loan from LoanTap? If “yes,” you can get it in a few simple steps! Check out the below steps :

Step 1: Online Application: You need to apply online at LoanTap’s official website, upload your essential documents, or even you can mail your details.

Step 2: Wait for LoanTap team to check your uploaded documents and revert back

Step 3: KYC & Fund Transfer: The representative will check the documents, verify them, and online activate the instant disbursal.

The above three easy steps will let you fly with the wings of your dreams! Yes, at present, a personal loan is a necessity! Whether you want to throw a bday party, you want to travel to your favorite destination. Or you want to buy your favorite sports bike; All your financial issues have a one-stop solution, i.e., Personal loan.

Eligibility criteria and loan terms

Eligibility criteria for having a personal loan

  • LoanTap offers loans to individuals who have a minimum income of INR 30,000
  •  Indian Citizens/residents aged 21 and above are eligible to get the loan.

Documents Required for a Personal Loan :

For processing the loan request, the following documents are needed :

  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof(Aadhaar Card/Driving License/Passport)
  • 3-month payslips
  • Six month’s salary account bank statement

The above documents are mandatory to get a personal loan. LoanTap offers personal loans from Rs 50,000- Rs 10,00,000 for tenures of 6 months to 60months. You can foreclose the loan after 6 months without any prepayment penalty.

Final Take
Personal loans are the most incredible opportunity for our generation! In this digitalized era, within 24 hours you can avail your loan! Today, everyone needs a loan to accomplish their dreams; wherever you stay doesn’t matter; your needs are endless! Right! But it is not the time to sacrifice your plans, dreams; If you are someone who belongs to Ahmedabad and wants to have an urgent personal loan, it is the right time to grab the opportunity and connect with LoanTap, the leading loan providing company and get an instant personal loan in Ahmedabad. What are you waiting for? With minimum documentation, you can avail a personal loan of long tenure with a few steps. LoanTap representatives will visit your place and assist you in the documentation process if needed. For more details, visit check out the details and get your loan today.