Upgrade your Dreams, Experiences, Travel and More
Published on : March 19, 2020

It is not wrong to say that we are upgrading our lifestyle to a 2.0 version by changing the way we spend, save, or invest. There is a constant conflict in our minds about what needs to be done and the ways it should be done. Millennials look at the traditional approaches differently, thus, want to do things their own way. Their decisions are rational and time sensitive. Their approach towards spending and saving is different.


Changing Times – How are we Evolving?

We all update ourselves with time because change is inevitable. None of us would want to lose the opportunity to make the most of the present and the future. Let us look at the ways in which we are evolving:


Now is the right time to buy

Unlike our parents and grandparents who waited most of their lives to buy a valuable thing, the millennials are changing this pattern of purchase. Financial constraints do not impact their decision making as there are various forms of credit products available such as personal loans, through which they can raise the money to fulfil their desires. Be it expensive gadgets or clothes, everything is one click or a swipe away.


Taking vacations

For a very long-time, vacation was associated with either summer break or Diwali break. Travel was restricted to a domestic place or to a relative’s house. With changing times, the scope of travel has expanded to international destinations. People are splurging on several small breaks rather than one long vacation. Weekend getaways and long weekends have boosted the tourism industry. Innovative loan products such as travel loan has made it possible for people to afford frequent travel.


Spending on Experience

Millennials are binging on fulfilling their hobbies or passions rather spending on owning products . It’s all about living your life to the fullest and doing things that make you happy. Attending concerts of their favorite musician, camping with friends, meeting like-minded people via social networking takes precedence over buying a house or an expensive car. People are finding balance between work and leisure.


How can Innovative Loan Products help in Upgrading your Dreams?

Instant personal loan has changed the face of the borrowing market. Ease of application and quick disbursal has made it popular amongst millennials. Many fintech firms are diversifying their products to suit the needs of the customers. Some of the features that attract customers are the flexi payment options, competitive interest rates, tenure of the loans and the transparency of the process.

Let us look at some of these products in detail.


Instant Personal Loan – To Revamp everything around you

If you wish to upgrade your old gadgets with the new ones or your home with a cozy coffee corner, these loans come handy. These are unsecured personal loans which do not require pledging of any collateral or security.

You can easily avail a loan ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 lakhs online based on your eligibility and credit checks. You have the option of choosing the tenure of your loan between 6-60 months. The terms of the loans are lenient and transparent. You have the option of prepayment or foreclosure post 6 months of disbursal without any additional charges.


Marriage loan  – To Make The Big Day the Best Day of your life

Wedding Loans are available to help you add more grandeur to  your grand wedding. A marriage loan takes into consideration the cost associated with the grand wedding. Therefore, it comes with a flexible repayment facility.

You pay only interest for the first 5 months and the rest in form of fixed EMI for the tenure opted.. You can avail a marriage loan ranging from Rs. 1 lakh up to Rs. 10 lakhs depending on your eligibility and credit checks. The tenure of wedding loan ranges between 12 – 24 months. There are no charges for prepayments post 6 months of loan disbursal.


Travel Loan – To Help you Explore your Adventure

Holidays are invigorating but come with a cost. Therefore, travel loans are the best form of personal loans to help you  finance your family vacations or plan a solo trip to Europe.. They are available for both domestic and international travel.

These loans also come with  flexi repayment option, where you pay only interest for the first 3 months and the remaining amount is payable in fixed EMI for the rest of the tenure. You can avail a travel loan ranging from Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 5,00,000  depending on your eligibility. There is no restriction on the usage of the funds with some lenders. Also, no additional charges for prepayment or foreclosure post 6 months of servicing the loan regularly.


EMI-Free Loan – To Help fulfill your dreams without the load of High EMIs

An EMI Free Loan can be used to meet any kind of financial need especially if you are looking out for a loan that adds less burden to your monthly outflow. So if you are indecisive about any specific loan to meet your needs , then you can opt for this innovative kind of personal loan.

The main feature of this loan is that you only pay the interest on total loan amount every month and you make a bullet payment towards your principal outstanding loan amount. every 6 months.

Once the bullet payment is received, the outstanding loan amount reduces and the interest is recalculated  on the remaining  outstanding principal amount. You can avail a loan of Rs. 1 lakh up to Rs. 10 Lakhs based on your eligibility. You also have the option of making higher bullet payments or prepayment without any additional cost post 6 months of servicing the loan regularly.


In Conclusion

You only get few opportunities to live your dreams. With proper planning and budgeting, no dream is farfetched. The lending market is constantly upgrading themselves to provide you with customized personal loans to suit your needs.

It is best to make use of these tools to fulfil your dreams and passions as you only live once. So, you don’t need to wait for the right moment as you can create the moment.



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