Published on : October 31, 2023

A grand wedding is a cherished dream for many couples, but the costs associated with turning that dream into reality can be substantial. This is where a personal loan can become a valuable financial tool. Personal loans provide individuals with the means to fund their extravagant wedding plans, covering expenses like venue rentals, catering, floral arrangements, photography, and much more. Here, we will explore the different ways in which a personal loan can be strategically used to create a memorable and grand wedding celebration without compromising on one’s financial stability. Whether it’s a lavish ceremony or an intimate gathering, understanding the versatility of personal loans in the context of wedding expenses can be helpful in making your dream wedding a reality.

What Can a Wedding Loan Be Used For?

A wedding loanis a type of personal loan that you can use for wedding expenses. Personal loans can be an excellent way to pay for your wedding because they are adaptable and can be used for nearly anything. Instead of covering the wedding’s entire cost with your savings, it is advisable to take a wedding loan. You can use a personal loan for wedding to cover costs related to weddings, like

  • Wedding Attire
  • Trousseau Shopping
  • Venue Cost
  • Engagement/Wedding Rings
  • Live Band
  • Photographer
  • Florist
  • Catering
  • Wedding Planner

Eligibility Criteria for Wedding Loan

Applicant age

The applicant’s age at the time of loan application must be within the range of 21 and 58 years, the maximum age allowed at the time of loan maturity.

Work experience

At least two years of work experience is required, with at least two months of consistency with the current company.


The candidate must earn at least Rs. 30,000 in net monthly income.

Employer category

The applicant must be employed full-time by a corporation, LLP, private or public limited company, or other similar organisation.


Only Indian citizens are eligible for personal loans.

Credit score

Lenders normally require a minimum credit score of 750 or higher in order to approve a borrower for a personal loan.

To improve their credit score, people should avoid payment defaults, maintain a low credit utilisation ratio, and make their loan repayments on schedule.

Documents Required to  Avail Wedding Loan

Identity Proof

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card

Address Proof

  • Electricity bill, rent agreement or Indian passport

Income proof

  • Salary slip for the most recent  month from the present employer

Bank account statement

  • The last three months’ original bank statements in PDF format

Employment proof

  • Offer letter
  • Monthly salary slip
  • Copy of the employment contract

How To Apply For a Wedding Loan

  • Visit LoanTap’s official website or download the app.
  • On the home page, click on the ‘Apply Now’ tab to apply for a Wedding loan
  • Select your employment profile. Choose if you are a business owner, an employee, or a self-employed individual.
  • Select the purpose of your loan, like a wedding loan.
  • Fill in your current city of residence and email address.
  • Enter all other relevant data, such as monthly income, loans that are active (if any), and the type of current residence.
  • Upload the required documents, such as bank statements, salary slips, and ownership papers for properties, etc. 
  • Enter your PAN Card number and birthdate.
  • When you have given the lender all the required information, they will review it, and if they approve, your loan amount will be sanctioned immediately.  


A LoanTap personal loan is a flexible and reliable financial solution for turning your grand wedding aspirations into a reality. With its tailored features, competitive interest rates, and easy application process, wedding loans can be the bridge between your dreams and their manifestation. Wedding loans make it possible for you to pay for every necessary component of an amazing wedding, such as the location, décor, food, and photography, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy this significant day without worrying about money. If you want to know about the personal loan EMIs, then you can use the marriage loan emi calculator.