5 reasons why Personal Loans are hassle-free at LoanTap
Published on : August 08, 2019

Is it one of those times when you need financial support and you are looking for a Personal Loan? Multiple questions surround you – How to apply? Whether to avail Loan from bank or from digital NBFCs? How long will it take? Where should I research?

If you want to obtain quick approval of loan, you do not want your CIBIL Score to be impacted on account of loan enquiry, and privacy of your confidential information is also your concern, well, you are at the right place.

LoanTap is a Fintech Company with an integrated loan processing platform and has in-house RBI registered NBFC. We use latest technology for all the processes, right from loan origination to loan sanction. We make Personal Loans hassle- free and here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Instant Personal Loan Eligibility: You fill up your basic details on LoanTap website and there you go – you have your provisional loan eligibility in few seconds!
    You are told upfront about processing fees and related charges. Choose your personal loan amount, upload your documents, fill in your personal/professional details and after a quick discussion for verification, you have your loan within 24-36 hours. Does that ring the Quick Loan bell for you?
  2. Quick Disbursal: Because LoanTap uses proprietary algorithm platform, credit check and assessment of credit score as well as disbursal is faster as compared to banks. The process of loan sanction, right from the stage of Loan application to disbursal takes around 24-36 hours. Once you upload or email your documents, we process your application really fast!
    A long-term Personal Loan can’t get any quicker than this!
  3. Minimum document Loans: Basic documentation is required to process your loan. You can check your eligibility or list of documents online. In most of the cases, we need PAN card, Address proof, bank statements, salary slips and e-NACH mandate. Only in certain cases, there could be a requirement for additional documents, request of which is notified to the applicant.
  4. High amount- Long Tenure loans:Choose your loan amount based on your requirement and not what banks decide for you. LoanTap offers high amount loan from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 10 Lakhs for a tenure of up to 60 months.
    You are free to customise your loan amounts and tenure to make it a perfect fit for your pocket.
  5. No prepayment/part payment charges: Have you thought about prepayment charges for repaying a loan before maturity? Relax! You no longer need to bother about prepayment or part payment charges. LoanTap provides you the option for prepayment of loan, any time after 6 months of loan disbursal, without any penalty or prepayment charges. Therefore, the choice is yours.

Quick personal loans from LoanTap are hassle-free!

When it comes to customizing loans according to your life needs, LoanTap provides customer centric innovative products. You choose the loan you want and we ensure you get it when you want! Wedding on the cards? Forget your marriage blues! Our Wedding Loans will make sure you have a dream celebration! Still dreaming about your dream vacation with your family? It’s time to make it a reality with our Holiday Loans! Our Rental Deposit Loan helps rent your dream house. Don’t have sleepless nights worrying about your credit card dues, our Credit Card Takeover Loan will help you settle your dues and improve your credit score. You will never have to postpone any celebration waiting for your salary, our Advance Salary Loan will take care of that!

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to postponing your dreams and celebrations, because with LoanTap, you are in charge of your finances!

Get Loan Tapped with pocket friendly loans at flexible repayment terms- with LoanTap’s personal loans. Apply now to experience fastest and seamless loans.