5 Simple Tips to Arrange a Rocking Marriage Ceremony
Published on : August 30, 2019

We all know the cost implications of Indian wedding ceremonies. We are aware of how parents have been saving or investing for decades for their children’s wedding. Jewelry, venue & décor tops the cost chart for Indian Wedding! The list is well known and has been passed onto generations.

But there’s something new these days.

Celebrities and millennials have changed the definition of marriage by adding many dimensions to it. Now pre-wedding photo shoots, destination wedding ideas, personalized theme décor, luxurious honeymoon dreams and wedding songs, rehearsals have become common inclusion in planning. It is lot more professional than impromptu performances that were done in the past. While all this sounds like an added expense, couples themselves take fair share of financial accountabilities for their flamboyant wish-list and bear the expenses to lower the burden of their parents for this additional expense. Self-reliance has come a long way.

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Having said that, finances may become limiting factor to make a dream wedding happen. Despite of savings, there’s no limit on the amount one can spend – so, here are five tips to have a rocking wedding on a low budget:

Plan early: The laws of demand and supply work for everything including the marriages. You know the trends, you know what you want. So, advance planning with advance booking helps you get better rates. Research and negotiate to get the best deal. Booking venues and vendors much before time, saves a chunk of money as compared to booking in the last moment. If you have short listed your favorite venue which usually runs booked throughout the year, you know what to do! If relatives have to travel to your location, book their flights beforehand. Pre-planning is the key element to eliminate extravagant expenses and getting what you want. This also saves you from the last hour’s rush and possibly leaves some extra room for expenses as the special date nears.

Shop off season: Trousseau shopping is one of the most pocket-pinching part of Indian marriages. Despite one-time wear, they are pretty expensive for the newlyweds. Apart from jewelry, some couples spend lakhs on the same. Not just themselves but also the bridesmaids and their parents too. Different jewelry sets for different occasions, outfits matching the theme of each function- there’s no limit to what level of personalization can be thought of. However, since most of the trousseaus are traditional in nature, one can shop beforehand.

Refrain from inviting the entire city: Keep your circle small and invite limited guests for the marriage ceremony. This reduces the catering cost by a fair bit and also other expenses, which are incurred in serving guests (right from invitation to return gifts). Invite people who are close to you and the one who cares about you the most. If you are organizing a separate reception as well, categorize the guests and send invitations for that particular function to them. You can receive everyone’s blessings within the budget.

Say no to professionals: Be the wedding planner yourself as planning a marriage is not rocket science. Browse the web and get advice from the experts in your circle and pre-plan everything properly. Even though hiring a wedding planner or event manager makes the job easier, adding personal touch to your arrangements will give you sense of achievement as well as keep you command of actual cost of the function. Also, go for local vendors when it comes to things such as catering services, flower decor etc. Paying just for the name/brand may not be the best decision during weddings.

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