Know The Difference Between 3 Star AC And 5 Star AC - How To Buy AC On EMI
Published on : October 22, 2021


Summer brings with it a plethora of pleasures, including vacations, refreshing pools, and delectable mangoes, to name a few. Because of the constant air conditioning required to battle the heat, it is also the season of high electricity costs for many. What if we told you there was a method to save money on your energy expenses without sacrificing your cooling needs?

To begin, you must select an air conditioner that is appropriate for your space and the climate in which you live. Apart from the tonnage and features, you may figure it out using the star-rating system, which is how air conditioners are normally rated based on their energy efficiency.

This system of rating was created to make it easier for the typical consumer to make an informed decision. Popular air conditioners are usually rated between three and five stars.

What’s the difference between the two ratings? Let’s compare and contrast the two popular ratings in the air conditioner models to acknowledge the differences. 

More The Stars, Better The Cooling Capacity

Naturally, you would expect a 5-star air conditioner to outperform a 3-star, and you would be correct. A 5-star air conditioner is ideal since it reduces energy usage and so lowers your monthly power bill.

They also cool the space faster and are more environmentally beneficial than 3-star air conditioners. These air conditioners are designed and produced specifically for the room and are always in demand as the best room air conditioner.

The Voltas 3-star air conditioner, for example, has a rated cooling capability of 4,960 watts, which is lower than the LG 5-star air conditioner’s 5,100 watts.

Frequent Users Versus Occasional Users

While a 5-star air conditioner is unquestionably the best money can buy, the climate in which you reside also plays a role in establishing the appropriate star level. You’d probably use an air conditioner more often if you lived in a tropical area with scorching heat.

In this instance, a 5-star air conditioner is the greatest choice because of its high energy efficiency, which will keep your expenditures low. A 3-star air conditioner, on the other hand, might be a better bet if you live in a colder region and do not use the air conditioner on a regular basis, especially if you are on a budget. This sort of air conditioner performs better in a less humid environment.

Higher The Rating, Higher The Cost

The most essential factor that influences the type of air conditioner you choose is your budget. While installation costs are around the same for both types of air conditioners, a 5-star air conditioner will undoubtedly burn a greater hole in your pocket than a 3-star air conditioner.

The LG 5-star air conditioner, for example, will set you back Rs.63,990, but the Voltas 3-star air conditioner will set you back Rs.49,990. If you frequently use an air conditioner, keep in mind that while you may save a few thousand rupees in the short term by choosing a 3-star over a 5-star, you will be paying more in the long run in terms of electricity costs.

This is because a 3-star needs a lot more energy to chill a room than a 5-star. As a result, you’re better off considering the larger picture and opting for a 5-star air conditioner.

Energy Saved Is Money Saved

The BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) is usually the source of an air conditioner’s rating. As you progress through the ratings, the amount of energy saved increases. A 5-star air conditioner, on average, can save up to 28 percent more energy than a 3-star air conditioner, according to reports.

The ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) is a useful tool for comparing the energy efficiency of air conditioners .

Better Ratings, Powerful Performance

A 5-star air conditioner has significantly more power than a 3-star air conditioner. Let’s have a look at the specifications to see how they differ. The LG 5-star air conditioner can chill effectively and reliably up to 52°C, while the Voltas 3-star air conditioner can only cool to 50°C.

In addition, the greater the rating, the quieter the air conditioner. The LG 5-star air conditioner, for example, makes 31 decibels of noise, whereas the Voltas 5-star air conditioner makes 45 decibels or higher.

As a result, if you want to get a good night’s sleep or cool down on a hot summer afternoon, a 5-star air conditioner is the way to go.

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