Discovering Personal Loans: Understanding Interest Rates and Terms
Published on : December 11, 2023

If you are in need of urgent finances, then a personal loan is a great option. As individuals start their journey of discovering personal loans, a detailed understanding of interest rates and terms becomes important. Interest rate is the most important aspect of any loan agreement and can dictate the overall cost of borrowing. Here, we will offer insights into personal loans and understand the terms and interest rates.

What is an Interest Rate?

Interest rates are the price that lenders charge borrowers for the use of their funds; they are expressed as a percentage of the loan amount. This rate serves as compensation for the risk assumed by the lender and as a reward for deferring consumption. Typically expressed annually, interest rates play an important role in determining the total amount repaid over the life of a loan. An increase in interest rates generally raises borrowing costs and affects decisions about personal loans. Understanding interest rates is fundamental to making informed financial choices, as it directly impacts the affordability and feasibility of various borrowing options.

Personal Loan Interest Charges

LoanTap offers a loan with attractive personal loan interest rates which can be personalized according to your requirements. There are no hidden charges. 

Personal Loan Interest Rates12% onwards
Processing Fees Up to 2% of the loan amount plus applicable taxes 
Loan Amount ₹50,000 to 10 Lakh 
Stamp Duty 0.1% of the loan amount 
Loan Prepayment Fees4% + GST if foreclosed within 180 days from the date of disbursement post-cooling-off period
Charges for Late Prepayment 24% per annum plus applicable taxes  
LoanTenure 6 months to 60 months 

Factors Affecting Personal Loan Interest Charges 

Credit Score 

A credit score is one of the major aspects that all lenders consider when it comes to personal loans. Credit score plays a major role when opting for a personal loan. A higher credit score usually means lower interest rates, as a higher score means you are a trusted borrower. The optimum credit score is 700, and to maintain this score, it is important to have good financial habits like repaying credit card bills and EMIs by their due dates and avoiding multiple loans or credit card applications within a short period. Any errors in your credit report can also pull down your credit score. Make sure to check the credit reports regularly to identify the errors timely and take necessary steps to avoid adverse impacts on your credit score. 


A higher income indicates a higher loan repayment capacity. As a result, the lender faces less credit risk. Because of this, many lenders usually offer borrowers with higher earnings lower interest rates on personal loans.  


Many lenders consider the borrower’s employment status as an important factor when it comes to setting interest rates on personal loans. Due to their greater employment security and predictable income, government and PSU employees are typically offered lower borrowing rates. Personal loan applicants employed with MNCs and reputed private sector organizations are usually considered to have higher chances of withstanding economic downturns than other private sector organisations. 

Relationship with Lender 

Several lenders provide personal loans at reduced personal loan interest rates to applicants who already have borrowed money. Customers should therefore always contact banks or non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) that already have lending or banking links in order to inquire about personal loan offers.


The journey of discovering personal loans and understanding the details of interest rates and terms is an important step toward financial empowerment. Armed with knowledge, individuals can make informed decisions while staying clear of all the shortcomings in the borrowing world. The significance of understanding interest rates is the most important factor, as it influences the overall cost and shapes the borrower’s financial commitment. Equally important are the terms and conditions that form the contractual framework, defining the relationship between borrowers and lenders. LoanTap provides personal loans at affordable interest rates for your financial emergencies.