Blending in with the New Normal
Published on : August 17, 2020

A wise man once said ‘Every Crisis opens doors to New Opportunities’.

The Year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride by far. The Covid-19 crisis has brought many challenges that one has to overcome. Probably this has been the most life changing experience with regards to personal, social, economical and financial aspects. Second and third quarters of this year have  been the talking point for most of us in light of the entire globe locking down on the day to day activities. While businesses and the economy have certainly come to a standstill, there has been a major change in many of the aspects in our personal lives as well. 

‘The only way to make sense out of a change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance’ 

This article spells out the vital dimensions of our lives that are going to see a change and how to cope with the changes. Also, we have a few tips to keep you going mentally, physically, emotionally and financially strong!

Work Life Balance 
Most of us have adopted the work from home culture, however it may not be the most desired style of working. It has it’s pros and cons. Some of us might be really comfortable while completing the tasks from the comfort of our homes. For others who are more social and their jobs require physical interactions might find this an unpleasant change. But it isn’t a difficult task to blend your work and personal life. Here’s what you can do – 

  1. Plan Your Day – Ensure that you have a fixed routine so that you can spare some time for yourself and your family. You certainly do not want to sit in front of the screen, working round the clock.
  2. Set up a Work Corner – Ensure that you have a certain work desk or space where you choose to spend your working hours. This will help you differentiate between the working space and personal spaces regardless of it all being under one roof. Also, it adds to a work environment experience and may help boost your productivity.
  3. Work along with a Family member – If your spouse or young one also has a similar schedule, you may share the work space to maintain the basic interactions required to maintain your mental balance.

Here are a few tips related to various aspects of your life, to help in attaining the work life balance as well as maintaining productivity.

Health and Fitness
It is always pleasing to go for a jog in the open air or feed on the motivation that comes inside a gym setup; surrounded by fitness freaks. Going for a job or visiting a gym is certainly not the prescribed thing to do for a decent period of time. However, the circumstances have opened new ways of achieving the same levels of fitness. Here’s something that can help –

  1. Look for a comfortable space – You can choose a Balcony, terrace or even a room which is spacious enough for your fitness regime. 
  2. Investment in basic fitness equipment – There are plenty of fitness equipments that are not only handy but also easy to store. Equipements like elastic stretch bands, pilates rings, kettle balls, dumbbells, skipping ropes etc, that are easily available online and do not dent your pockets. 
  3. Familiarise yourself with a Fitness Influencer – Various Fitness influencers share their work and expertise virtually. They may or not necessarily demand hefty training fees. Thus, you have an option to start your daily training under them from the comfort of your home!

Alongside streamlining your fitness routine you must ensure that you adopt healthy eating habits to compliment your fitness objective. And most importantly, you must invest in a Health Insurance if you are not covered yet! If finances are the barrier, there are loans available to fund your health insurance too! There’s no reason to compromise on the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones. 

One of the primary aspects that may have faced a setback is your financial goals! You would have planned your year in a certain way, however, in light of the economic disruptions your income could have seen interruptions! What is the best way to survive this scenario?

  1. Spend only on necessities – This is not the time to spend aimlessly on commodities that are not a necessity. One must spend wisely.
  2. Manage your debts – You would not want to see yourself with an increasing pile of debt along the way. If you have personal loans or credit cards to service, ensure you do that on time. Avoid using credit cards too much as they demand heavy interest rates against the outstanding bills. You certainly do not want a debt trap situation crawling in!
  3. Save for a rainy day– Uncertainties can prevail beyond our zone of vision. You must ensure that you save a fixed portion of your income regularly to be able to prepare for any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. 

Afterall, the Art is not in making money but in Keeping It!

Our lifestyles have also seen a shift and so has the way we spend our leisure time. Right from Dine-outs to weekend get-aways, shopping to clubbing; it has all come to a standstill. We have all learnt to find bliss in whatever we have at our disposal. Nothing should stop us from leading a fulfilled lifestyle. This is what might help – 

  1. Dine-In – You can certainly plan a dine-in night with your loved ones. Prepare your favorite cuisine, decorate a cute in house set-up and reap the benefits of a healthy home cooked dinner experience! 
  2. Shop online – Spending a day at the mall was unnecessarily time consuming! Due to advancements in technology and a lot of players moving online, everything you need is available in the virtual world. Many physical stores have now developed virtual assistance that makes shopping from home look like a cakewalk. 
  3. Socialise Virtually – Virtual calling apps have made it possible to connect across the globe without any barriers. You can connect with your friends and loved ones as and when you want. Many virtual game apps provide the facility of video chat alongside gaming. This adds to the experience of having a personal visually in front of you while you cherish the fun times!

Change is inevitable but change is the only constant! Nothing should stop us from fulfilling our dreams and leading a desired life. LoanTap believes: where there is a will there is not just one, but many ways!

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